Cementerio Santa Ifigenia


Cementerio Santa IfigeniaCementerio Santa Ifigenia is a cemetery situated in Santiago de Cuba. A national monument of Cuba’s landscape, as the Cuban flag flies high above the Jose Marti's grave. Cementerio Santa Ifigenia holds numerous celebrities of the island, which includes Emilio Bacardi Moreau, Antonio Maceo, José Martí and Compay Segundo. Members of the Bacardi family and victims of the great revolution are also buried there. The Madonna’s and angels beckons you to visit this monumental site to pay tribute to loved ones of Cuba.

The Cementerio of Santa Ifigenia was named after the virgin Ethiopian who was baptized by Apostle Matthew. Situated quietly on the western edge of the city, Cementerio Santa Ifigenia is one of the most splendid examples of Havana’s Necrópolis Cristóbal Colón. Explore this amazing graveyard to view the marble and granite headstones that were created as far back as 1868.  The Santa Ifigenia includes many great historical figures among its 8000-plus tombs. The highlight of your tour will be the tomb of the great José Martí.

Built 24-m high with white limestone, this mausoleum does not hold the actual remains of Jose Marti, his ashes was scattered around Cuba. Stand attention to the change of the guard, as you see art and history combined which is the pride of Cuba. While strolling through the cemetery, look out for names such as Tomás Estrada Palma,  María Grajales, the martyrs of the 1953 Moncada Barracks attack, Frank and Josue País and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

As you walk through the cemetery, the gentle Caribbean breeze glides over your body while allowing you to cherish the sights of some of the most important figures in Cuba’s history. Santa Ifigenia Cemetery is a place engraved in thousands of sorrowful tombs and buildings. Enjoy the views of neo-classicism that represents elegant yet simple designs.