Cementerio de Colón


Cementerio de ColónWith more than 800,000 graves, the Cementerio de Colón or Colon Cemetery is a must see attraction in Cuba. Established in 1876, the cemetery is located in the town of Vedado, Havana. You can explore this amazing graveyard of beautiful design mausoleums and unique headstones. Named in honor of Christopher Columbus, the Cementerio de Colón spreads across 140 acres of elaborate sculpted memorials. Tour the cemetery to view more than 500 large mausoleums, chapels, and family vaults.

Marking the end of the road to the eastern side of Vedado, Cementerio de Colón invites you to quietly reflect on its beauty. Step into this peaceful place and bask in the exquisitely carved marbles which highlights the cemetery. View the floral motifs that cover the urns as a set of angels’ watches in delight. The cemetery depicts one of the most interesting places to see fine examples of sculpture idealism in Cuba.  

On your tour of the cemetery, you will see a high monument for firefighters who lost their lives in the great fire on May 17, 1890. Cementerio de Colón has two monuments dedicated to baseball players from the Cuban League, as baseball is a leading sport on the island. Step inside the central chapel to view the mural of the Last Judgment. The picture depicts when Christ returns how judging will look like.

View the Pantheleon with its replica of a small Italian church that boasts amazing details of the island past. The beautiful Egyptian architectural design of Joseph Matta tomb represents his great skills as a professor of architecture. Admire the mausoleum that was built for the eight medical students who were killed by glass in the cemetery’s chapel. Regarded as a sacred African site where religious customs takes place, you might come across bits of witchcraft items.

One of the most popular graves to visit in Colon Cemetery is the one of Amelia Goyri Adot. Although she died in childbirth, Amelia was loved by all who knew her. Look closely at the details of the sculpture as Amelia is seen holding a child. Legend has it that inside the vault Amelia still holds the child as the bodies were well-preserved.

See the other fantastic mausoleums and headstones on your tour of the cemetery, such as the Tomb of Love, the Dome Domino or Mesa Family Chapel. While in Cuba explore the peaceful site of the Cementerio de Colón to view these wonderful and creative designs of amazing people who once ruled and lived on the island.