Cathedral de San Cristóbal


Cathedral de San CristóbalBegin your trip to beautiful Cuba with a walk through the captivating Cathedral de San Cristóbal. Dubbed as Cathedral of Saint Christopher or as a music set carved in stone, Cathedral de San Cristóbal was completed in 1777 by the Franciscans. Ironically, the cathedral is well preserved than most of Havana’s more significant buildings. At the center of Old Havana, the Catedral de San Cristóbal sits in the former Plaza de La Ciénaga. Take a tour of this cathedral to view one of the finest examples of a baroque facade that was designed with asymmetrical features in Cuba

Situated on a corner of Obispo Street of Plaza de Armas, the cathedral was completely in ruins as its walls were crumbling. However, in 1782, the cathedral was sanctified as the Cathedral of Havana and renovation was done to restore it to its usual glory. Explore the towers that are wider than others you may have seen befor. This amazing feature was built to allow water to flow freely on the plaza and through the streets during the colonial period. Even though the towers were built in different sizes, on each side of the building, you will enjoy your tour as it also provides you with scenic view of Old Havana.

Cathedral de San Cristóbal main highlight is its unique style, which is due to the rustic materials that were used during construction. Cathedral de San Cristóbal is Old Havana's traditional cathedral that almost went to ruins. The 19th century neoclassical makeover, allow you to tour the cathedral to see the vaulted ceilings, massive stone pillars, and modest collection of art and antiquities.

Certainly, Cathedral de San Cristóbal is worth your visit, as the fascinating 17th century wooden sculpture of Saint Christopher makes an interesting magnetism. The church is often closed, but you might be lucky if you are able to attend mass on Sundays at 9.30am.