Casa Natal Nicolás Guillén


Casa Natal Nicolás Guillén
Cuba’s prominent literary celebrity and national poet, Nicolas Cristobal Guillen Batista left behind a beautiful old-fashioned house, called Casa Natal Nicolas Guillen. This house is where the poet spent two years of his life, as he masterfully turned into a cultural icon. Casa Natal Nicolas Guillen is a place that buzzes with excitement, as poetry recitals, concerts and other literary events entertain you on Cuban soil.

Explore Casa Natal Nicolas Guillen and view the amazing personal memorabilia, photographs and a few poems written during his life. A son of Camagüey City, Nicolas Guillen was born in this house, and today stands as a reminder of his outstanding tribute to Cuba’s literary life. He was born July 10, 1902, and during his youthful years went to Havana to study journalism. He later returned with zest of poetic arts.
Originally, Casa Natal Nicolas Guillen is a house whose history goes back to the 19th century and was later renovated to its beautiful colonial elements. Discover the hallmarks of this unique house, as the thorough arches invite you to the small courtyard. Casa Natal Nicolas Guillen distinguished curves of amazing facades feature bright towering walls and an exceptional taste in beautiful decor.

A symbol of Nicolás Guillén style of home, Casa Natal Nicolas Guillen small museum house, displays natural accessories of a large clay water jar as well. Visit Casa Natal Nicolas Guillen on a relaxing evening and enjoy the splendor of the structure as the poetry of Nicolas Guillen takes you to an era of literary exploits. You need to make an appointment to visit and admission is free. Casa Natal Nicolas Guillen is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Located on a corner at Calle Hermanos Aguero, Casa Natal Nicolas Guillen is a must see attraction of Cuba with its decorative cups of poetic excitement. After your tour visit the nearby attraction of fabulous Plaza de los Trabajadores.