Casa Natal Del Mayor (Ignacio Agramonte)


 Casa Natal Del Mayor (Ignacio Agramonte) Camagüey’s favorite son and national hero of independence struggle, Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz otherwise called Natal Del Mayor, was born on December 23, 1841 in a gorgeous pastel-yellow 18th century house. Today his house exhibits his colonial masterpieces of both baroque and Hispanic happenings.

Museo Casa Natal de El Mayor General Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz is situated in the heart of Camagüey, Cuba. Casa Natal de El Mayor is the largest house museum in the Caribbean. A valuable architectural property from centuries ago, the entire Spanish-Moorish styles draws you to explore the interiors. As you step inside the house you will see the wonderful timber frames covering the walls. The paired quadrille exquisitely decorates the spacious room for you to view the displays openly.

Casa Natal de El Mayor provides a pleasant sight, as it occupies a large area from one corner of two old streets to another. The balcony of wooden studs at the entrance show you the importance of the house value with its mezzanine décor. A national monument, Casa Natal Del Mayor invites you to explore the interesting displays of magnificent Cuban history. View the details of the attractive wooden carved ceilings, as you tour the upper floor of the house. A unique flair of furnishings, Casa Natal Del Mayor houses many original furniture of early Cuban life and is highly regarded as a true colonial house.

Most of the exhibits represent a peek into the life of El Mayor and aims to teach you of his great achievements during his hardworking years. Among the displays are love letters to his wife Amalia Simoni, photographs of his youthful years, newspaper clippings of his battles, and of course El Mayor’s gun.

Before Casa Natal Del Mayor was commemorated as a national momentum in 1973, it was used as a family home, a commercial center, even as a Consulate office of Spain. Visit Casa Natal Del Mayor on your next trip to Cuba and learn more about Cuba’s rich and fascinating history.