The easterly island of Barbados is nestled at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and at the beginning of the Caribbean Sea. Being on the southern rim of the Atlantic Hurricane belt, Barbados boasts a tropical climate which is cooled by the trade winds blowing from the east. With the cool breeze and warm sunshine, along with plenty of rainfall this destination enjoys a year round temperature of about 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Barbados is a fairly low-lying island with an innermost area that rises to the hills.

Although the weather in Barbados is sunnier and drier than other islands of the Caribbean, its driest season is between the months of December to June, and its wet season is between the months of July and November. Most of the rains in Barbados are quick and just simply wash the dust away and cool down the temperature. The hurricane period for the Caribbean is between the months of June to November, but they normally miss the lovely Barbados Island, and instead they experience some extravagant tropical rainstorms that are short and heavy, which dries up quickly.

The days can be bearable when the winds are blowing constantly and the night air tends to be a bit cooler than normal, but the most heated months are April, June, July and August, where the days are unbearable, and if you are not used to it, you may feel annoyed.

So, come and visit this beautiful island and enjoy all it has to offers. As with an average daily high temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and lots of sunshine, it’s hard to imagine a place that enjoys weather much perfect than the island of Barbados.

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