Barbados otherwise known as “little England” is the most easterly island in the Caribbean with beaches for every day of the year. Encircled by the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea to the west and by the magnificent Atlantic Ocean, a trip to this island is an experience with spectacular scenery waiting to be had. Located in the western area of the North Atlantic Ocean and east of the Windward Islands, Barbados is about 104 miles from St. Vincent and the Grenadines and is outside the Atlantic hurricane belt. Barbados is divided into eleven parishes, with each having their own matchless character.
Holidays Barbados

Even though Barbados is small there is a single highway that connects all parishes. Barbados is bursting with lots of lovely pink sandy beaches and is the land of much contrast. As this is where the Barbadian charm merged with the old English traditions meets the modern day life. The island’s east coast is idyllic for surfing.

The beautiful island of Barbados is historically and culturally magnificent, as Bajans are really enthused about their soca music, tropical beauty, and cuisine. You will discover that your interactions with the locals are what you will really remember about your trip. The capital of this island is Bridgetown where you can visit the shopping districts with plenty of duty-free shops available. Barbados offers a very festive night life, especially in St. Lawrence Gap.

Take a trip around the island and view many of their glass and marble buildings that are right beside colorfully painted run bars. Other attractions include wildlife reserves, their annual Crop Over Festival, cave explorations, and exotic food and drinks. Barbados is rich in natural beauty, and visitors may find it suitable for business and other investments.

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