West Coast Beaches


West Coast Beaches There is a beach for every day in Barbados to enjoy, known as the Platinum Coast, the West Coast Beaches on the island are mainly calm, unspoilt and beautiful with golden sands. The warm and inviting waters gently rolls up to your feet, as soothing breeze caresses you body.
The West Coast Beaches are perfect for your Bajan beach vacation, as they cater to all your worldly pleasures, whether you are with the family or on a couple’s retreat. The breathtaking west coast beaches will have you gasping for more. The West Coast Beaches in Barbados faces the Caribbean Sea and for this, the beaches offer tranquil temperatures and sparkling waters to take a dip in.

Although the west coast beaches are more laid-back to the south coast ones, you can enjoy snorkeling or swimming, as the relaxing surrounds attracts beach lovers to enjoy. West Coast beaches are great whichever one you decided to visit; you can choose to discover the Brandon, Batts Rock, Fitts Village, Paynes, Sandy Lane, Folkestone Park, Mullins Bay and Heywoods Beaches; the choice is yours.

At each of these beaches you will find the serene blue waters with clean coral sands, to relax and soak up some tropical sun-rays. The golden sands of these beaches sometimes gently lower you to sudden drop-offs to other sandy bottoms, delightful isn’t it?

Let us explore the West Coast Beaches from north to south:
Starting with Brandons Beach, this is situated on the borders of capital city of Bridgetown. The waters are very peaceful and great for swimming. You can enjoy refreshments at the popular Weisers on the Bay Bar or partake in beach games and water sports; that may include boat rides, water-skiing or windsurfing.

Batts Rock Beach is usually a public beach that has a great picnic area with benches, shower and changing facilities. This beach is ideal for visiting if you are with the family, as there is a playground with slides, see-saws and swings, for the kids to enjoy. The waters are calm yet the little rocky areas, provides an attractive snorkeling place to explore.

The Fitts Village Beach is an area where you can explore the many coral reefs with its pristine blue waters. You may spot a turtle occasionally while explore the waters of the beach. The quiet beach of Fitts Village, is perfect for relaxing under a shaded tree while enjoying the views of the Caribbean Seas. There are several picnic benches placed under the beautiful Casuarina trees that lined the shorelines.

Paynes Beach is also a public beach along the west coast of Barbados. While there you will see bars and restaurants offering delectable Bajan dishes to excite the taste buds. The shady overhanging trees and sun loungers provide the right ambiance for a relaxing day on the beach. The area of the beach is very wide and is very famous for water sports activities such as jet skiing or adventurous boat rides. At nights the Paynes beach comes alive with vibrant after dark entertainment.

Although Sandy Lane is more popular with luxury homes to stylish hotels, this amazing body of waters invites you to enjoy it serene atmosphere. Ideal for couples, the Sandy Lane Beach provides you with great spots to swim and sunbathe under the Caribbean Sun. Situated south of Holetown; this beach on the Caribbean shores is excellent for water skiing and taking a romantic boat ride.

Folkestone Marine Park Beach is made up of a false reef, which was formed as a result of the sinking Stavronikita ship in 1976. To explore the ship ruins you have to get permission to do so; it lies about 120ft under water and just half a mile from the shoreline. The beach area is a snorkeler’s paradise as there are a wide variety of tropical marine lives to see. You may swim around the inshore reef to see other marine creatures to include, sea lilies, corals and sponges.

The legendary Mullins beach, situated in the parish of St. Peter, is one of the most popular beaches on the west coast of Barbados. At this beach you can relax in a lounge chair under your umbrella or shady palm trees. Take a dip in the refreshing cool waters or enjoy an exciting water sports of your choice, like jet skiing. The beach offers a great beach bar where you can enjoy some cool refreshments and snacks after swimming. If you stay till late you can have a lovely sunset dinner for two and watch the sun go down on the Caribbean horizon.

Most southerly of all west coast beaches is the Heywoods Beach, near the town of Speightstown in the parish of St Peter. This beach is a lovely wide area of fine sand, which is perfect for families. The shallows waters provide secure swimming pools for kids and also great for snorkeling the coral reefs.

If you are planning a vacation to Barbados, stay on the West Coast of the island and enjoy the fabulous array of beaches waiting to be explored by you.