Visit the Gun Hill Signal Station


Gun Hill Signal StationBuilt in 1818 and recently restored by the Barbados National Trust, Gun Hill Signal Station is located in the beautiful Parish of St. George. Climb above the rugged cliffs to the greatest heights of of Bajan beauty. Gun Hill Signal Station unlike others will give you a panoramic view of the landscape.

The atmosphere at Gun Hill Signal Station is very clean, and the spectacular views over the rich and fertile valley to Bridgetown and Carlisle Bay take your breath away with far-reaching scenery. Have a picnic in the pavilion and take lots of photos, as the great white lion carved from stones beautifies the surroundings. Uphill from the signal station is the St. George’s Church and go a bit further to the wonderful world of orchid.

Housing a collection of military memorabilia, Gun Hill Signal Station is also a way of communicating in emergencies, but was used as rallying points in the event of civil disorder. The signal station was the largest and most important military signal stations, where artillery was installed to give advance notice of sighted ships. Warnings would be given to other stations of the approaching vessels. The station is situated on the highest hilltop in the parish of St. George, the small but very fascinating military memorabilia; this includes flags of the various army regiments that were stationed in Barbados, some maps showing the islands many forts from 1728.

Gun Hill Signal Station was originally built to serve as one of the original eleven military watchtowers that were constructed throughout Barbados. Gun Hill Signal Station also offers visitors the opportunity to book for private functions and weddings. The signal station is complete with both snack and gifts shops, and opens during the hours of 9am to 5pm, Mondays through Saturdays.

On a visit to Gun Hill Signal Station, the story of the stone lion takes a primary role of captivating the minds of visitors. The story states that a Captain Henry Wilkinson was posted at the Signal Station in 1868 and during his off duty hours, create this large lion from a single piece of coral stone. Today, the lion stands with one foot resting on a red ball which symbolizes of the mighty British Empire over the world throughout this era.

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