Visit Arlington House Museum


Arlington House MuseumArlington House Museum is an 18th century ship chandler house that is one of the oldest landmarks in Speightstown, Barbados. Built on three floors, Arlington House Museum is a single-style building that tells stories of sugar, seafaring, and trade. Each of the three floors has a different theme, as the house was built of coral, limestone and rubble masonry, all cemented together with a mortar made from egg whites and molasses creating walls that are over two feet thick.

Explore the Arlington House Museum and interact with the fine examples of a cane field, meet a pirate or pilot a ship while you listen to the locals talk about the latest Emancipation rumors. A fun place to visit, Arlington House Museum is an exciting place waiting to be discovered by you.

Walk through Speightstown Memories which is the ground floor at Arlington House Museum to get a glimpse into early lives of the local’s way of life. Next to the staircase, used to be a beautiful frangipani tree that was the largest and oldest in Barbados, sadly it was removed. While exploring this floor you will see unique displays with sound effects, video and electronics, as the museum displays three points of view into Barbados history.

Step into the second floor of the museum which is known as Plantation Memories and watch a delightfully produced film that gives an overview of Barbados geological origins to the present. Arlington House Museum uses this film to tell the story of colonization and the sugar cane industry on the island. Also on the second floor is the living quarters for the family that once lived there. Walk unto the balcony and enjoy the beautiful views of the surroundings.  

Climb up the stone staircase to the third floor which is known as Wharf Memories as it tells the classical tale of slave trade. Barbados was the first destination to reach on the journey from Africa, hence this floor showcase sleeping quarters and unique artifacts of this era.

While you are on Barbados’s West Coast area, visit the mysterious Whim Gully or the nearby boardwalk and the island’s largest art gallery. Enjoy the sights of Speightstown historical settings as you relax at Fisherman's Pub.  

After you have explored this amazing seaport town, you will leave with a different feel as the rare ambiance of the town lures you to come alive and enjoy every bit of the island.