Harrison’s Cave


Harrison’s CaveIf you love nature and natural history then Harrison Caves is not be missed. Feel the tranquil atmosphere of central highland in St. Thomas, Barbados to unearth the adventures of Harrison Caves. It is a place where you can experience a piece of nature and imagine what the island was like 300 years ago. Harrison's Cave is a lovely attraction to explore while on your Bajan holidays. An exceptional phenomenon of nature, Harrison's Cave is an amazing gallery of stalactites hanging from the roof of the cave, as the stalagmites appear from the ground.

Enjoy the views of the refreshing streams of crystal clear water that drops from a stunning waterfall into the deep green pools. Harrison's Cave is situated at 700ft above sea level and offers you an exciting tour through the three miles of gullies, sinkholes and caverns. The stalactites and stalagmites were formed over thousands of years and some of these stalactites have reached down to meet stalagmites which forms a magnificent pillar in the caves.

The rich calcium water that runs through the caves also helps to form the display of unusual stalactites and stalagmites patterns. On your guided tour of Harrison’s Cave you will travel through the caves on a tram to certain areas of the caves. During the tour you will be able to step off the tram to touch and get a closer look of the caves formation. The Great Hall is the largest cavern in the caves to explore as it measures about 100-feet in height.

After the Great Hall discoveries comes the Village cavern. This area resembles a small town as the patterns of the stalactites and stalagmites form an amazing town pattern with little lanes and structures. Harrison’s Cave is truly a breathtaking wonder on Barbados landscape to explore. Ride the tram through the deepest and lowest points of the caves and marvel at the each surprising turn. Along the cave ride you will also learn about the history of the caves, while the natural limestone rocks provides a remarkable haven with craft shops which exhibits Amerindian artifacts.  

Harrison’s Cave is a spectacular cave and one of Barbados’ most popular appealing attractions worth visiting.