Gardens Graeme Hall Swamp


Gardens Graeme Hall SwampVisit the Gardens Graeme Hall Swamp to experience the unique beauty of a mangrove marsh in stunning Barbados. It is indeed a haven for birds and fish, and for you to enjoy the refreshing ambiance of the island’s wildlife. The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary sits on about 1,000 acres of lakes and woodland and is one of the last noteworthy wildlife habitats in Barbados to visit.

Explore the sanctuary’s walkways which are paved to provide easy access to remarkable spots of interest. Take a leisurely stroll on your own to the breathtaking areas to see amazing creatures, exotic plants that bask in the settings. An enjoyable aspect of the swamp is the pathways that that lead to lush tropical vegetation. Along this path are plenty viewing spots for you to enjoy bird watching without any distraction.

As you continue along the many different paths which were carefully designed to allow you the pleasure of seeing these small creatures close to their natural habitats, you will be delight as the air brightens by the calls of various birds. Discover the habitats like Gully Aviary, Marshland Aviary and Migratory Bird Exhibit to admire some fascinating shorebirds.

Be sure not to miss seeing the beautiful St. Vincent Amazon Parrot, which is the island’s national bird or the attractive Pelicans which provide real food for the eyes. Also worthy to see are the Egrets, as this is where they nest in the western world. Be amazed by the green-winged Teal duck as it scratches itself while in flight.

Valuable information about birds, did you know that the Arctic Tern flies from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back while stopping over in Barbados. Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is a must whether you are interested in birds or not. It is a pleasant and most enjoyable way to relax while on the island. Visit the charming yet enchanting little waterfall which settles in this gorgeous setting.

All this and more is yours for the taking during a visit to the Graeme Nature Hall Sanctuary.