Explore Sunbury Plantation


 Explore Sunbury PlantationThe island of Barbados is vibrant yet relaxed and with its long historical connection to Britain, you will find that it is a special place to visit. Barbados rich history is more fun to discover, as it makes the perfect contrast to regular Caribbean island beach life. A classical character of this amazing island is to explore the Sunbury Plantation and get a glimpse into the colorful history and well preserved ambiance of historical buildings in the Caribbean.

Take a tour of Sunbury Plantation and travel back in time while exploring the wonders that towers this beautiful landmark. Sunbury Plantation is situated in the peaceful countryside of St. Philip. You can enjoy a relaxing 22-minute drive from Bridgetown along the stunning hills of St. George unto St. Philip. Once you arrive at Sunbury Plantation, you will reconnect with British heritage while the beauty of the estate covers you in over 300 years old of sheer history.
Explore the wonderful landscapes of Sunbury Plantation to view the lovely models of old carts and machinery used years ago to cultivate the land. A living monument of plantation life in Barbados, Sunbury Plantation is a wonderful treasure as you view the mahogany antiques, old prints and unique collection of horse-drawn carriages, the largest collection in the Caribbean.
Sunbury Plantation is the only great house in Barbados with all rooms available for viewing. Take a peek into the cellars to see how they store locally grown produce, as well as many items used in the domestic life of the plantation long ago. It also houses an old collection of optical machinery and sight testing equipment, which is some of the first to come to the Caribbean.
Enjoy a memorable evening at Sunbury Plantation by having dinner at the Courtyard Restaurant. Sit by a 200-year-old mahogany table, as the special candlelight plantation dinner will plunge you into a timeless and classic beauty of the estate, while the delicious meals excite your taste bud.
Sunbury Plantation spectacular mahogany woods and beautifully landscaped gardens allow you to indulge into the magical surroundings. Take a day out to St. Phillip and stroll through the simple pleasures of beauty, away from the sun and beaches, it will certainly worth your time.