Carlisle Bay Diving


Carlisle Bay DivingBarbados has plenty beautiful scuba diving spots to plunge into the islands historic shipwrecks at Carlisle Bay. Carlisle Bay provides a set of offshore reefs and amazing shipwrecks that surrounds the island. Offering a wide array of diving sites to explore, Carlisle Bay Marine Park is a must do on your next trip to Barbados.

Boasting six shipwrecks to explore, diving at Carlisle Bay is an excellent way to experience different levels of discovering the waters of Barbados. With a great diversity of colorful marine life enjoy swimming with sea horses, stingrays, barracudas, octopus, and moray eel as you discover Carlisle Bay Marine Park underwater old cannons, anchors and pylons. Follow the path from one wreck to the next as you explore the varied ruins beneath the seas.

Snorkelers are invited to join in the adventures of Berwyn shipwreck. Berwyn was a 70ft tug boat that sank in 1919 along the calm waters of Carlisle Bay.  The Berwyn sits about 10-feet below the surface, as the wreck is covered with marine life to include hard and soft coral and other reef creatures.

Ce-Trek ruins at Carlisle Bay Marine Park, is a 45-feet deserted boat made of cement that sank in 1986.  Explore this shipwreck as it sits in the deep waters on the northern edge of the park. Enjoy the beautiful coral and sponges while you venture through this ideal diving spot. The Eillon shipwreck is a 55-feet boat that sank in June 1996 at Carlisle Bay Marine Park.  You can easily dive through the wreckage as you view the many exotic marine life around.

The Bajan Queen shipwreck holds many memories for you to enjoy diving through the marine park. Even though this boat was recently sunk in 2002, you will be able to see some of the most beautiful fish life and amazing coral varieties surrounding it. Cornwallis wreck was transfer from a high boat traffic section of the Carlisle Bay to the marine park in 2003. However, this 15ft freighter was sunk by a torpedo during World War II.  The Barge is a wonderful naval landing barge that is home to numerous reef fish including the bulging porcupine fish.

Spend your day basking in the tropical waters of Carlisle Bay Marine Park Barbados and enjoy diving to amazing adventures. After diving you can partake in other watersports activities like snorkeling or scuba diving at Carlisle Bay, while the colorful fishes dazzle you with bright colors in these lovely clear waters.