Bathsheba Oh the pools at Bathsheba are so attractive let’s go take a swim. The town of Bathsheba is situated in the parish of St. Joseph, beautiful Barbados. Legendary as its name is, Bathsheba is a coastal town that invites visitors from all over the world to enjoy a little piece of Caribbean paradise.

Surf the waters of Bathsheba, as the rich minerals caresses the body to an amazing sheen. Nestled along the rocky shores of Barbados landscape, Bathsheba is where vacationers can indulge in the breathtaking beauty of lively beaches and refreshing swimming pools.
A stunning area on its own, Bathsheba stretches cross a remarkable coastline of unique rock patterns. The famous diamond Rock is located in Bathsheba and always amazed travelers with its unusual splendor. Other must see attractions in Bathsheba are the Soup Bowl, the gorgeous Andromeda Botanical Gardens, Bath and Bathsheba Beaches.

The shops, lively restaurants and great accommodation options make Bathsheba a wonderful place to relax and unwind. Small but very vibrant, the town of Bathsheba is a perfect hideaway for travelers, especially surfers and beach lovers that want to enjoy more of Barbados.

Relax in one of the fabulous Bathsheba Pools and enjoy soaking up the sun, warm waters and scenic views of the ocean. Because of the unusual curved patterns of the pools and intimate attractions, couples love to relax in them. Visitors always go for the ideal spot to enjoy the foamy waters, splashing; swimming in nature’s pool on the inshore coral reef, as Bathsheba twirls you into a fantasy of excitement.

Visitors to Bathsheba will also enjoy the lush gardens among the many hotels choices. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Bathsheba provides charming views, as the swaying coconut palms brings cool breeze. Wonder at the animals as the breezes keep reminding you that you are in Bathsheba far from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Enjoy Bathsheba natural side, with unspoiled beaches, tidal pools and unforgettable island spirit. Stay at a hotel in town and pamper yourselves with unique tapestry of Bajan life. Taste the array of delicious cuisines, as the freshly made pudding tempts the taste buds to enjoy fine dining in Bathsheba, you will surely come back for more.

Experience Barbados the laid-back way and enjoy the exceptional character of Bathsheba rum punch parties and stimulating adventures as the settings offers an outstanding island life.