Andromeda Botanic Gardens


Andromeda Botanic Gardens The parish of St. Joseph, Barbados holds a lovely plot of landscape with plenty exotic flora and fauna. Known as the Andromeda Botanical Gardens, this six acre of lush beauty overlooks the eastern coast of the island. Perched on a cliff, Andromeda Botanical Gardens was a working garden owned by the late Mrs. Iris Bannochie. From its humble beginnings in 1954, Andromeda Botanical Gardens contains quite a few selections of orchids, hibiscus, bougainvillea, palms, ferns, heliconia, begonias and cacti.

Andromeda Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place for a picture-perfect wedding or any other special events. The gardens will captivate your senses as the flowers and trees create a lovely path leading to the flows of enchanting pools and cascading waterfalls. The name Andromeda was a legendary Greek goddess who was chained to a rock; hence Andromeda Botanical Gardens represents an oasis to escape from bustling cities of Barbados that is embedded to the island. Visit the fabulous surroundings and enjoy the views of the ocean below. Take a breather and smell the island’s blooms that are carefully maintained.

Andromeda Botanical Gardens is operated by the Barbados National Trust, where a nice little gift shop is also located on the grounds. Opening seven days per week and all year round, Andromeda Botanical Gardens offers visitors to view its adorable ambiance of flowers and trees between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

The most relaxing and laid-back activity to do, Andromeda Botanical Gardens represents a world of great sightseeing in Barbados. Plunge into the spectacular natural beauty of the gardens, as the breathtaking array of exotic flora and fauna provides a haven of islands wellness. Andromeda Botanical Gardens is alive with vibrant colors, tastefully accented with shady corners and rocky ledges, with blends of orchid collection that amazingly greets visitors with pretty blooms.

Explore the island of Barbados on a visit to the Caribbean and make the Andromeda Botanical Gardens one of the top attractions to see while there. Imagine strolling through heavenly grounds with colorful blooms and exotic shrubs.