Night life


Bahamas nightlife Nightlife in the Bahamas can be severely different depending on where you are staying, and in the tourist towns of Nassau and Freeport the nightlife is an exciting and energetic scene. However, nightlife in Bahamas outer islands can be either quiet or sometimes barely visible, although there are some great pubs and activities just about everywhere.

In the New Providence area many visitors are surprised to find that Cable Beach, not Nassau, have the best nightlife Bahamas has to offer.
If you are looking for Nassau nightlife, there are some great Nassau clubs and bars, like Charlie’s on the Beach, which is one of the oldest and famous bars in Nassau and a center for much of the Bahamas night club action, this place is also famous for the spring breakers.

On the outer islands, you won’t find casinos or dance clubs of any sort, but will find quiet local pubs and bars visited by the islanders themselves. While on Paradise Island boasts the flashiest nightlife in all of The Bahamas. Nearly all of the action takes place at the incredible Atlantis Paradise Island where you’ll find all the glitz and glitter, plenty of dinner shows, with great gambling options. But for a quieter night out, you can also find intimate bars, discos, and comedy club along the beach front.

In between the casinos and bars of every color, flavor and description, nightlife in Bahamas can be very rewarding. Selecting your favorite tunes from funky disco of the seventies to the latest rave hits of the nineties, you will enjoy parting until the wee hours of the morning.

For those who want a taste of the islands, almost every hotel offers local island entertainment that involves you in their performances, such as limbo, dollar or the electric slide dances. Or you can do something more romantic, like taking a stroll along the moonlight beach.

Whether you have a chance to take part in the glitz and glamour of the large casinos and dances, or simply want to sample a good local mixed drink, there are plenty of choices in the Bahamas, depending on your final destination on the islands.