Wyannie Malone Historical Museum


Wyannie Malone Historical MuseumThe Wyannie Malone House is where the lovely historical museum sits in Hope Town. Wyannie Malone Historical Museum is the oldest house that is furnished in 19th century architecture. Explore the outside of this balcony house, which reminds you of an authentic Loyalist dwelling.

See how it all began by visiting this museum that shows the town's history, dating back to the 1780s. The museum is named after the town's matriarch, Wyannie Malone, who one of the original settler from South Carolina. Wyannie Malone's family settled in Hope Town in 1875 and since then has collected memorabilia and photographs commemorating the Elbow Cay tradition.

Step inside this unique museums to view the displays of photos, historic documents, artifacts and stunning pottery which tells the story of the Malone family and other early settlers. The small collection of exhibits includes apparatus used by the infamous wreckers. These wreckers were a group of deceitful citizens who gave false signals to passing ships, to make them crash on the rocks and reef. Salvaged ship parts and the cargo itself were worth a great deal in those days. View the gorgeous pictures of the chronicles of Elbow Cay way of life and the development of Hope Town.

The Wyannie Malone Historical Museum was created for your enjoyment, as it preserves the past of Elbow Cay. Elbow Cay and its environs have been through a lot over the past two centuries, especially from Hurricane Floyd on September 14, 1999.  Wyannie Malone Historical Museum preservation through the beautiful displays and artifacts gives you a connection to Hope Town and its surroundings, as it links interesting facts of the island.

Wyannie Malone Historical Museum is opening hours varies and admission is free.