Pirates of Nassau Museum


Pirates of Nassau MuseumA Bahamian treasure, the bright pink-color of the Pirates of Nassau Museum offers you an interesting look into the golden age of piracy on the islands. An interactive museum that provides an exciting tour through this entertaining masterpiece, the Pirates of Nassau Museum showcases realistic recreations of pirate life in the Bahamas. Be amazed by the twilight harbor with amazing sounds of that era, as you explore the wonders of a cutaway pirate ship called Revenge.

Nassau on New Providence Island, offers a distinctive blend of international glamour and tropical allure that makes you quickly warm up to its unique surroundings. Enjoy your visit in the heart of piracy, as Nassau was the perfect harbor for pirates to employ their hit and run tactics upon unsuspecting merchant ships. The Pirates of Nassau Museum will take you on an exciting journey back to the 1700s when rascals such as the infamous Black Beard made Nassau their island hideaway.

You will enjoy the museum’s stowaways aboard a pirate ship and learn what life was like at sea. Explore the replica of Nassau's former shanty town and find out how legendary pirates met their end. You will also see amazing artifacts left over from this electrifying era. The real-life models are made of wax as you are taken on a guided tour of the museum. Also the spectacular amusement of battles with exciting sound and light effects will surprise you while you explore a pirate’s living quarters with its tools and weaponry.

Read the plaques on the walls that provide historical details of this era and how the pirates were punished for their carelessness, including being marooned on a deserted island. After learning about the true pirates of the Caribbean, you can browse for treasures at the gift shop or stop at the captivating Marlborough Arms Pirate Pub for a taste of Pirate Punch.

The Pirates of Nassau Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from 9 am to noon. Admission is US$6 for children ages 4-17 and US$12 for adults.