Lucayan National Park


Lucayan National Park The Lucayan National Park is an unbelievable 40 acre park that features some of the most fabulous secluded beaches in all of The Bahamas. This park is filled with mangroves, pines, and palm trees, and boasts incredible plants in bloom as well as an amazing range of water birds and saltwater fishes.

Do some snorkeling in the remarkable turquoise waters of this park or discover the world’s largest underground grotto structures. If you are very adventurous, plunge into the history of these islands and take a tour of the burial grounds of the indigenous Bahamian people nearby.

Lucayan national Park is a true Bahamian beauty that lures you to view its attractiveness. Enjoy the protective settings, as you stroll through the many trails of the park. There is an admission fee to enter (check with your hotel or the Bahamas Tourist Board or Rand Nature Center for more information).

When touring its natural habitat, you will enjoy kayaking under water caving or swim in one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. Paddle down a creek toppled by a canopy of mangrove trees, then picnic at Gold Beach, which features a wide stretch of dune coral sands, or take a stroll through the nature trail and check out the caves’ for stalactites and stalagmites.

Explore the haven of indigenous plant life, with its many exotic flowers; a large number of songbirds, including the Stripe-Headed Tanager, who will sing to you as you wander through the park. You may even glimpse the famous raccoon named Raquel, who love to amuse visitors with her tricks and charms.

To get to the park, head east on Midshipman Road past the Golden Rock, read the signs carefully, and if you are without car, organize a tour with the tour operators in Freeport. The park closes at about 5pm, so be sure to get there very early to guarantee the full experience of the gorgeous area.

So come along and visit the Lucayan National Park, which is a blessing for nature lovers and walk along the wooden boardwalk to the impressive Gold Rock Beach featuring miles of pristine sandy beach.