International Bazaar & Straw Market


International Bazaar & Straw MarketThe International Bazaar and the Straw Market are located near to the heart of Freeport’s amazing shopping setting. These are two of the major shopping complexes to choose from while on your shopping adventures in the Bahamas. The International Bazaar and the Straw Market is filled with plenty excitement and is a great place to browse through the wide collection of island art, crafts and beautiful straw items.

Located out of central Freeport, the International Bazaar is a 10-acre property that has something for you to enjoy shopping on Grand Bahama Island. With hundreds of shops to choose from, colorful International Bazaar is clean and stylish, as the architecture designs appeals to you to take a peek inside. Wear comfortable walking shoes so you can explore the entire marketplace. The bazaar is also stroller and wheelchair friendly and has plenty of places to relax, eat, and enjoy the sunshine.

There is always live music playing, while the Straw Market on the western end of Bay Street buzzes with bargains. While there you will find just about everything you need, choose from the colorful selections of hand-made hats, bags, baskets, totes, mats, slippers, wall hangings, and dolls. Highlighting many authentic works of the locals, you will be amazed at the variety of interesting products. Buy a unique straw water pitcher, so tightly coiled its leak proof, or shop for other custom-made straw items such as bags and photo albums for personalized, unforgettable souvenirs.

Enjoy a visit to the markets, which offers items with a special Bahamian touch to make good gifts or souvenirs. International Bazaar is the main marketplace attraction of Old Nassau and is one of the largest markets of its kind in the world. Along the paths of the International Bazaar are adorable shops that offer the best wares on the island. You can stop and look at these crafts to get a glimpse of unique Bahamian way of life.

A site with a colorful display of shops, restaurants, and bars which winds from Bay Street to Woodes Rogers Walk near the dock, you will have fun on your shopping adventures on Grand Bahama Island! Sample the local cuisine, create your own perfume, browse the handmade crafts, and get a taste of a true symbol of Freeport at the International Bazaar and the Straw Market.