Great Abaco – Abaco National Park


Abaco National ParkAbaco National Park comprises of 22,500 acres tropical landscape, as it nestled on southern Abaco near the great Hole in the Wall phenomenon. This national park is where you will see acres of pine forest, nesting areas for about 1,000 endangered Bahama or Abaco Parrots. The parrots once lived on many of the islands, but now only exist in Abaco and Great Inagua. Also they are known to be the only species of parrots throughout the islands of the Caribbean that nests on the ground.

The Abaco National Park mostly protects the northern most range of the Bahama Parrot, while other diverse species of birds also call it home. It is the best place in the Bahamas to see a variety of migratory birds from North America. The Abaco National Park also creates a safe haven for Abaco's water table, as it protects the island fresh water reserves. The park is rich in biodiversity, offering hiking and bird-watching trails.

Take a trip to this amazing national park to see the gorgeous parrots perched in a tree, as the brightly colored feathers take you on a mesmerizing exploit. Enjoy looking at these beautiful cobalt blue parrots with its distinctive feature of two toes facing forwards and two facing backwards. On your tour you will see the Bahama Parrot, the Bahama Yellow Throat, and the Pine Warbler. Depending on the time you visit, you will also see the lovely Kirkland Warbler. This bird breeds in Michigan and in the winter flies to the Bahamas.

Enjoy the other attractions at Abaco National Park, such as the Red-legged Thrush, Blue-gray Gnat-catcher, Olive-capped Warbler, Loggerhead Kingbird, LaSagra's Flycatcher, Greater Antillean Bullfish, Striped-headed Tananger, Bahama Swallow, Cuban Emerald Hummingbird, Bahama Mockingbird and the West Indian Woodpecker. Game species also live in the park and hunting is permitted in the park during specific seasons. Wild Boar, Quail, Wood Dove and the White-crowned Pigeon are some of the game species in the park. There is an abundance of lizards and other small wildlife inhabiting the park too.

The Abaco National Park can be reached by traveling south by car out of Marsh Harbour towards Sandy Point. It is a rustic area with no amenities, so bring along your lunch and plenty of drinking water for your exciting tour.