Fort Fincastle


 Fort Fincastle Explore the ruins of Fort Fincastle on the island of New Providence, Nassau. This fort was built in 1793, and offers outstanding views of Nassau. Fort Fincastle is gives you a glimpse of the city’s historical defences. The fort is situated on the edge at the top of Elizabeth Avenue and can be reached by a 65 step staircase called the Queen’s Staircase.

This set of stairs was hand carved by slaves out of lime stones in the mid 1700s, and nearby the Fort Fincastle is the magnificent Water Tower which is also one of Bahamas most spectacular milestone that is perched about 216 feet above sea level. This fort was built by Lord Dunmore, who was the royal governor of the Bahamas.

Strolling through the remains of Fort Fincastle you will see amazing views of the city, cruise ships docked and other nearby islands. This fort is shaped like an old paddle wheel steamer and was built to defend the city from attacks and also serves as a lighthouse until the early 1818 when it was change to a signal tower. You will see the fort’s many cannons facing the Nassau harbor, even though this fort never saw any action.

Climbing the Queen’s Staircase of this fort may seem like a never-ending task, but once at the top you will see the journey was worth the time. Reaching the top you will be at the highest point on the island, so you can fully observe the patterns of the fort. Even though the fort hardly competes with the panoramic views, you can walk around it at your own pleasure. But be careful as hustlers who will try to show you around.

The next time you travel to The Bahamas take trip to this fort and enjoy its fabulous scenery beyond.