Elbow Cay – Hope Town & Lighthouse


Elbow Cay – Hope Town & LighthousePerfectly positioned on a stunning 2-mile stretch of Atlantic Ocean coastline, Elbow Cay, Hope Town and its impressive Lighthouse is a snorkelers and beach lover’s paradise. Treat yourself to a tropical holiday and enjoy the captivating scenes of Elbow Cay. Elbow Cay is about 6 miles long and ¼ mile wide. Its magnificent barrier reef protects the long sandy beaches, making them perfect for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and fishing.

Hope Town is a little 18th-century charming village built around the harbor on Elbow Cay. A unique place to stay away from the busy resort area, Hope Town is regarded as the perfect island setting with its cute pastel-colored British-style homes. Hope Town has quite a few excellent restaurants to dine at, attractive guesthouses for an amazing stay, plus interesting shops with artwork, jewelry, and clothing for your shopping needs.

Elbow Cay is one of The Abacos' more popular island hideaways and the largest. Being the home to the brightly colored landmark in the Abacos, you can visit the red and white striped lighthouse. The Lighthouse was built in 1863 and is located on the marina. Enjoy a climb up the 101 steps to a breathtaking view of the Parrot Cays and Elbow Cay harbor. The Hope Town Lighthouse is one of only three kerosene-powered lights left in the world, as its spring mechanism has to be hand cranked every several hours to maintain the sequence of five white flashes every 15 seconds. The lighthouse stands guard over Elbow Cay's scenic harbour with its pirate cannon balls as the powering weights.

You can easily explore Elbow Cay by foot as there is no motorized traffic through the town. During your walk through the hilly streets of Hope Town, you will enjoy the views of the blue ocean on both sides of the cay as the narrow lanes take you on a pleasurable journey. Visit the Wyannie Malone Museum, which is one of the oldest houses in Hope Town.

Explore the beauty of this museum that is filled with simple treasures donated by the island residents.  At the Wyannie Malone Museum, you will also find exhibitions on Lucayan Indians and Loyalist settlers on display, as the museum takes you through history of Hope Town with amazing photos, documents, and maps.

Elbow Cay, Hope Town and its extraordinary Lighthouse is unique in its diversity, and offers a real collection of island style diversions to enjoy.