Blackbeards Tower


Blackbeards Tower The Bahamas is a chain of more than 700 islands and 2,000 cays that stretches for about 60 miles in the Atlantic Ocean. The sea breeze and floral scent of the Bahamas drifts over emerald waters and white sandy beaches makes you know you are in paradise. About five miles east of Fort Montagu are the remains of a tower that is said to have been used by Edwin Teach, the infamous Pirate Blackbeard. Even though there is not much left of the tower, you are able to see its crumbling masonry, and know that once stood at this location was place of significance.

Sitting on top of a ridge is the Blackbeard’s Tower, with its semi-ruin cut stone structure. A lovely lookout tower for Pirate Blackbeard, although is said that he actually did not live there. Blackbeard’s Tower was fully built in the late 18th century, long after the infamous pirate was killed, nevertheless this tower offers spectacular views of the town of Fort Montagu.

Visiting Blackbeard’s Tower is free, and for fans of the pirate fanfare, visiting the tower is an absolute must. These crumbling remains feature interesting trace of buccaneering in the 17th century. Most interestingly, is the view that you can almost see Blackbeard and his followers roaming through the walls of this tower. Climb the Blackbeard’s Tower to the extreme top and see the natural harbor and the beautiful city of Nassau below.

This historical site is now on privately owned property and is not easily accessible; however a part of the tower can be seen from the main road. But do not let this deter you from visiting the tower, permission is normally granted with the assistance of a tour guide.

So on you next trip to the Bahamas explore the Blackbeard’s Tower and imagine the world of pirating centuries ago by Blackbeard. You may even get lucky to see relics of thier era.