Balcony House Christ Church Cathedral


Balcony HouseNew Providence Island, with Nassau as its hub, offers a unique blend of international glamour and tropical ambiance, which gives you the freedom to do absolutely everything or absolutely nothing on your trip. Nassau is a wonderful place to enjoy your Bahamian vacation, and when you arrive in Nassau visit the Balcony House and Christ Church Cathedral.

Balcony House and Christ Church Cathedral is a wonderful colonial charm nestled on tropical beauty. With its colonial past these buildings offers you a glimpse into a lovely historical site to explore. Within the city you can walk to Balcony House and Christ Church Cathedral with its cloisters and ruins of a 14th century French monastery.

Built in 1837 and restored with exceptional furnishings, follow the steps of Balcony House to see the magnificent views overlooking the harbor. Brightly painted in pink and white, you will learn about this 225 years old building, which is the oldest existing wooden residential building in The Bahamas. The name was derived from the balcony which overlooks Market Street as it stands out as a grand signature of architectural value. In 1994, Balcony House Museum was opened with its structure retaining most of its original construction. 

Christ Church CathedralYou can visit the interiors of this lovely Bahamian home to see the splendid furniture and adorable antiques. After your tour of Balcony House, visit the Christ Church Cathedral that was built in 1841, and was the first church to be built in the Bahamas. Be enthralled as you walk along the navel in the church, view the walls and tablets that tells you about the trials Nassau citizens endured over 150 years ago.

Be sure to look at the baptismal font at the back of the sanctuary, there you will see the hallmark of its British carpenter, a tiny church mouse carved into the wood. If you are in Nassau on a Sunday, visit the church and worship with the locals.

Visit the historical Balcony House and Christ Church Cathedral to make the best of your Bahamian holidays.