Cuba, the largest Caribbean island is strategically located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Cuba is about 90 miles to the south of Key West, Florida and northwest of Jamaica. Cuba is unique and is unlike any other place on earth. This beautiful and fascinating country tends to attract people from all corners of the world. Maybe it is the magnificent beaches, or the warm golden sun, or even the cheap drinks, but whatever it is they can’t seem to get enough. Cuba is undeniable a fascinating Caribbean destination, especially for persons who love or wants to enjoy the Latin lifestyle.
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The Cuban lifestyle is denoted by a wide array of cultural activities. These activities range from literature and cinema, to ballet, fine arts, contemporary dance and drama which are all famous around the world. Cuba is also host to several regional and international cultural events.

As one of the last remaining Communist nations, Cuba is energetic, full of life and doesn’t have the drab and desultory appearance like its fellow nations that have disappeared. Cuba also sways to a different rhythm, and has a rich culture, unique political history, and is one of the best countries that travelers can still explore and discover natural unspoiled beauty. To explore the very best of this Caribbean gem means dancing to the exhilarating music and exploring the captivating colonial atmosphere of the country which seems to have been frozen for the last 50 years.
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The capital city of Havana offers a raucous nightlife which has made the city very famous and is also a World Heritage Site along with Trinidad. Both areas have undergone thorough restoration and preservation process which makes exploring them seems like taking a trip back in time. Cuba has beautiful coastline, and countless pristine beaches with some of the most beautiful coral reef that can found anywhere in the Caribbean to be explored.

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